SAM Registration is the First Step to Business with Federal Government

Planning to venture out in the federal marketplace? Wondering what it takes to win lucrative government contracts? Then, before everything else, get SAM registration for your company. Precisely, a SAM enrolment is the initial step to working with the world's #1 buyer, the United States government. SAM Registration

Every single administrative organization utilizes the SAM database to recognize organizations enlisted to work with bureaucratic, state, and local level government. Both military and regular citizen offices use SAM for various sourcing and obtainment needs. They also use SAM database to recognize organizations and register for SAM with burdened business assignments, for example, WOSB or VOSB.

Register for SAM: Stepping Stone of Business Success

Federal Government has brought in several proactive measures to uplift the small and independent entrepreneurs across the US. SAM registration is one of such endeavors that the government has adopted to help independent ventures. Having registered in SAM can help you win from the put aside contracts of the government and get a long term steady income. Moreover, prime temporary workers use the SAM database to distinguish subcontractors/providers to meet necessities for dispensing work to organizations.

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The Good News: SAM Registration is Free!

Yes, there’s no cost involved in SAM Registration. And your local PTAC can assist you regarding this. Reach out to your local PTAC counselor to solve queries regarding the process. They can help make sure that all the crucial information of your business is correctly entered and help you complete your profile in the SBA’s Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) database, so that the agency buyers and important contractors can find you.

Your PTAC counselor also helps you keep your SBA registration “up to date” and assist you with the registration renewal process each year. Most importantly, once your registration is complete, your PTAC counselor can also guide you through the next steps of finding federal contracting opportunities and marketing your business to government buyers.

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How to do SAM Registration

SAM registration is free of charge but the following tips can help you streamline the SAM registration process.

  • Don’t fall for any other page other than, just because those pages imitate the look and feel of the official page.
  • Before SAM registration, arrange for the FREE DUNS number from Dun and Bradstreet. Visit for DUNS number. Remember, without a DUNS number you cannot register for SAM.
  • During the registration, you will need banking information, taxpayer identification number, sales per year average for the past 3 years, total number of staff (full & part time) for the past 12 months, and point of contact information including phone numbers, addresses, and emails. If your business has a lot of turn-over, you might consider having a second or even third person who can make changes.
  • Keep your NAICS codes handy. NAICS codes are given as per the category of your business. In case, you are operating more than one line of business under the same name, you might have multiple NAICS codes. You can visit the US Census Bureau NAICS website to identify them.
  • Also have your Product Service or Federal Supply Class Codes ready while registering. Including these in your SAM profile can help a potential prospect to have a better idea about the company.
  • Remember to get the Notarized letter by formally appointing an “Entity Administrator” before you go for registration. This is important to make your status active in the SAM database.

Once you are ready with all the credentials, you can start creating your User Account and register yourself as a new entity. Having a registered SAM profile means you can get grants, loans, and other financial assistance programs.

Complete each page in sequence and then click “Save and Continue” at the bottom of the page before going to the next page. Make sure you click “Submit” after you enter all the necessary data in the SAM Registration profile. You will get a “Registration Submitted” confirmation message on the screen. It takes about 12-15 business days to get your registration active after you submit the profile.

Every year you need to renew your SAM profile to stay up-to-date in the government database.

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We take care of every little thing in the process of SAM registration on behalf of your company

  • Verify and validate legal business name, business address and DUNS number
  • Streamline the process of registration which include assigning core data, NAICS codes, FAR provisions & point of contact
  • Keep an eye on the IRS & CAGE code validation and communicate with the DLA until processed
  • Maintain a compliant active registration

So, what are you waiting for? Talk to us to speed up your SAM registration process.

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