Boost your federal sales at affordable cost

Contracting Officer Lists

Starting at $399

Contacting a list of federal buyers that have purchased your goods and services within the past two years are the low hanging fruit for making productive federal sales.

Service Offering

We prepare a detailed list of telephone numbers and email addresses for federal buyers that are tailored to your firm. Attempting to do this on your own is often a challenging and time-consuming process. Our skilled Federal Government Contractor does this for you so you can spend your time marketing not learning how to navigate federal databases or completing the sam registration without any hassle.

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Subcontractor Registration

Starting at $35 (per registration)

When large Federal Prime Contractors are looking for Small Business Subcontractors, they access their firm’s internal database. The firms that have taken the effort to registering with the Prime Contractor get work, all others do not. We have government contracts consultant in completing your registrations in a competent manner making your capabilities statement “pop”. This has been an excellent revenue source for many of our clients in the past for successful federal marketing.

Specific to your Industry and Geographic service support area, we will register your business with your selection of the top 200 Prime Contractors for federal contracting opportunities.

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Bid Monitoring

Starting at $225 per month

Beginners and Novices at federal and state marketing often miss key opportunities that could greatly benefit their firm. Having our skilled Federal Government Contractor, you can develop a profile for your firm and vigilantly search for matches on a weekly basis helps to ensure your firm will not miss out both large and small opportunities.

Service Offering

We actively search for bids that fit your firm and send emails to you to alert your firm of federal bid list to enhance federal sales. Once you receive the email if you have questions about the bid one of our professionals can assist you with requirements and fit. If your firm would require proposal writing services we can provide that for an additional fee.

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